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Artichoke is part of our family’s farm diversification.prk536

Formerly contract pig farmers we now have our own herd of Large Black Pigs the meat from which we sell to butchers throughout Norfolk and Suffolk as  Scotts Field Pork.

Artichoke is part of the same diversification process - although I dont actually come from either a farming or a retail background. Before we had our chidren I was a proper Essex Girl, heading up the sales team of a shipping company that moved freight to The Caribbean, Central & South America. My life is very different these days!

My husband Rob and I get a lot of help with the pigs, clothing emporium and our small flock of sheep from our two fantastic children Paddy & George and our faithful hounds Ruby & Sidney as well as lots of family & friends. To keep up to date with all their antics take a look at Rob The Pigman's blog